My Saturday.. last day of November

How I spent my friday night… Loads of laundry and change bedsheets. What a night haha! :p Changing bedsheets is my worst nightmare, hate it!

Headed to town early this morning as the hub has a dental appt.. Our first visit to this clinic. Quite an atas place.. Surprisingly it turned out to be cheaper than Mt E. 🙂

This cute figurine caught my attention at the dental clinic haha

My lunch companion for the day. Get it at S$2.90 each with any purchase. Part of the proceeds will be donated to Ronald McDonald fund.

A happy reunion finally 😉

Wanted to do a bit of Xmas shopping.. But no shopping done, only bought these as I was suddenly striked by the flu bug and sneezed non stop since lunch.. What a weekend 😩😷

Slept thru the whole afternoon and woke up to this homecooked dinner by the hubby. Triple eggs with shredded chicken and abalone. 😊😋