My lunch companion for Boxing Day – Officer Big Mac, the finale for this series. Someone who have been deeply missed. Happy Boxing Day everyone! #mcdonalds #bigmac #boxingday

Super busy day today. Thought I have till next Monday to finish my employees newsletter. The boss told me that she wants it to be publish by tomorrow. Which means I have to complete the whole publication by noon tomorrow so that she can vet.. Haiz… And I'm not the only one.. Seem that everyone in office all felt super stressed today. Have to lug work back home again. Fighting!! TGIF in an hour time!

Still feeling abit Christmasty so chose to wear tweed today. Tend to associate tweed with fall/winter. And decided to add a splash of sunshine to my tweed dress. 😊 #charmmyootd #ootd #shoplaurae

Full #ootd.. Why do I love #tweed so much? Apart from being classic, very chanel, I love the touch and texture of it and most importantly doesn't require any ironing hahaha 😝 #charmmyootd #shoplaurae