Thanks for making my day! πŸ˜‰

Conducted induction for my company new joiners today. One of them said something which totally made my day haha.. She commended that I looked very young and she thought that I was one of the inductees in her batch! Awww.. 😁😁 #compliment

Went for a quick bite with my sis @shopaholicdeb over lunch today. Miss those days when we used to be able to go out during lunch. My office is so far away now πŸ˜” #lunch

Look what I've found! Yay, finally found you and it is on special offer now. Managed to spend $168 at causeway point, went to the customer service and was told that the blossom hello kitty has been fully redeemed, the next kitty starts tomorrow and the receipts have to be dated tomorrow to redeem for that. 😫😫 #hellokittytoaster #hellokitty #toaster #frasermalls

Had dinner at The Chicken Rice Shop as there weren't a lot of choices left by the time we are done with shopping. #latedinner

#aotd of the day πŸ˜‰ #chanel #balenciaga