Yay! It’s early release Friday! :)

Today is exceptionally happy not just because it's Friday, it's the last working Friday of the month aka early release friday for work. Though it's just an hour earlier, we are already very contented and always look forward to this day. 😉 #contented #earlyrelease

Quick lunch with the boss at raffles place before heading back to office. This is the first time I tried this Unagi Don. Quite liked it 😉

Wanted to bring mum out for dine but the mummy was too tired aft the spring cleaning. So it's just the two of us. Me and my sis @shopaholicdeb on a dinner date. My sis suggested to go to The Marmalade Pantry @ Ion. These are places we wouldn't go with our mum as she is not a pasta person. 😉

Little greenie 😉

And here's our dessert – Cupcake of the month: Root beer float. Sounds interesting right? Surprisingly it was pretty good, likey! 😋😋 #themarmaldepantry #cupcakes #dessert

And here's my dinner – Seared scallops and prawns spaghetti. We ordered two main course, wanted to share but unfortunately the sis's spicy crab linguine is way too spicy for me. My dinner was pretty flavorful. However there were too much gravy. Tot it will taste nicer if there is lesser gravy. #themarmaladepantry #dinner #foodporn