Today's #ootd. Loving my knitted monochrome flare skirt from #shopmilady. It's a piece which finally fits me well as most of the time, these flare skirts are too short to cover my thunder thighs. #celine #celinetrapeze #chanel #hermes

Close up pic of today's #aotd 😉 Monochrome + Gold

#hermes #hermesclicclac #chanel #chanelring

Bought these nail stickers last week at Raffles Exchange. $10 for 5. Hear say nail stickers are quite user friendly. Gonna try it when I remove my gelish. #nailstickers #hellokitty #hellokittynails

Hokkigai – bought for Mum as this is her favourite, quite a good deal, got a box at $19.90. Tasted yummy too, and most importantly got the Q-ness.

Went mum's place for dinner after work. This is my mum's creation. Check out the amount of scallops and dried scallops mum added. Wow, it's really yummy!! #scallopsrice

The day ended with picking my hubby up from the airport. Flight got delayed again. Luckily not as bad as his yesterday's flight. His flight was supposed to be 8pm, got delayed till 10plus. Touched down at after midnight and reached the hotel only at 1plus am. Wonder why SQ and Silkair flights always delay. Unlike budgets air they tend to arrive ahead of schedule. #flightdelay