Woke up today to a whatsapp group chat with the subject "Grandma" with 91 messages! Can't imagine that there were so many happenings while I was in my dreamland. It wasn't a happy chat as my grandma who's in Penang has been admitted to the hospital. Think this was her first major one which I can recollect. So for the whole day, though it was another busy day.. I can't help but kept looking at my phone to see if there's any latest update 😔😔 Felt very sad and helpless here.

Bejeweled is probably the only game which I've played for the longest period. My pet society, restaurant story, bakery story candy crush phase was long gone. Only bejeweled stood through the test of time. Just upgraded to its latest version and used the latest valentine's day booster. And boy, this booster is so cool and I'm managed to beat all my FB friends and topped the scoreboard with a whopping over 1million score. Woohoo!! #bejeweled