Review : Two Chefs

It's only 6pm and the queue is already so long. The turnover is pretty fast though. Place your order and you will be assigned a table within the next few mins. Just that must make sure that all your pple are here before they will assign you a table. It's been at least 4 years since the last time I came. #twochefs #foodreview

Something not to be missed.. The drunken cockles. Really good!! Still the same standard! 👍👍 #drunkencockles #cockles #yummy


咕噜肉sweet and sour pork

Another recommended dish – crispy squids 😋😋 #squids



6 dishes for $66. Not too bad right. Here's the operating hours. Recommended to be there before 6.30pm. #twochefs

Today's ensemble 😉 #aotd #ootd