The haze is really getting worse. It smelt like something is burning when I stepped out of the office today. How can the PSI be only 78?

Ladies, please try to be indoor as much as possible and drink more water. Throat is getting dry.. Argh 😷 #haze

Pic from the sis @shopaholicdeb. More loots arrived at my mum's place. My mum commented the other day that why my online shopping loots never seems to end hahaha #shopaholics

Today's #aotd

Collected my micro from #celine over the weekend. So sad that the stain is still visible though it has lighten for quite a bit. Will be wary of buying such delicate skin in future. 😔

My nails have been chipping so my mum introduced me this – Complete Salon Manicure by Sally Hansen. It's a base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, colour, top coat, chip-resistance and a gel-shine all in one bottle. I'm a lazy person and this is simply perfect for me. 😝😝 will see if can really last for 10 days. #nails #sallyhansen

Coupled with this additional Ultra Wear Top Coat, also from the Complete Salon Manicure series. With this I'm crossing my fingers to see if really can last for another 2 weeks.

Check out the colors available under the Complete Salom Manicure. So pretty right! 😝😉