Friday is always a happy day!

Have been eating dabao food in office for the past weeks. Same old food everyday, so boring. πŸ˜’ But today is a happy day cos I'm finally going out for lunch yay!

Actually we wanted to visit Lola's cafe but it was so crowded when we reached there and there were still so many pple waiting outside. Lunchtime is always so rush, can't afford to wait so changed venue, no choice. πŸ˜”

Heartland was just nearby so me and my gf @surerain decided to go there, furthermore the weather is still so super duper hot, somewhere with aircon is still a better choice. @surerain suggested we go for Korean food. She has been there once and their army hotpot is pretty good. So that's how to settled at this place. Hansik Korean restaurant. #hansikkorean

The cold dishes were all very good!πŸ˜‹

This was my lunch – spicy ramyun topokki. Super good deal as this is from their lunch special. This only costs $9.80. Quite good a deal right? The portion is pretty big as well.

@surerain 's lunch. This is even cheaper, only $8.90 and trust me the portion is really generous. #koreanfood #foodporn

Their lunch specials. Only available on weekdays, 11am to 3pm.

No wonder it's so crowded.

My dinner. Tried the new Tangy filet o fish. Have your tried? Personally I prefer this to the conventional filet o fish as I'm really not a fan of tartar sauce hahaha plus, like the nacho cheese Filet O Fish, this comes with lotsa lettuce. #mcdonalds

Mark your calendar! Mcdonalds are giving away over 100,000 free egg mcmuffin on 17 March.

#ootd… Going for ethnic hee.. TGIF everyone and to a great weekend! 😘

Today's #botd and #aotd