Breakfast bonding time with the mummy after my ultrasound scanning appt.

The mummy 😘

That's my baby niece Edelene who stays in Taipei. They're here for visit for a week. My cousin-in-law is here for work.

Look at her beautiful natural curls 😍😍

She's a bit shy though.. Forcing out a smile hee 😁😁

Popped by the Samsonite Red booth at Mandarin Orchard Hotel before heading to the wedding dinner. 933DJ Jiafa and Jiahui were there to host the event. @shopaholicdeb

Our #ootn @shopaholicdeb

Here's my other niece Hay Li who stays in Sydney. She's 3 and she is totally not shy at all, no need any warm up, super hyperactive 😝

Reunion of the cousins πŸ˜‰ @shopaholicdeb