Review : TCC & Eno-Oka

Good morning Dayreans, Rise & Shine! ☀️

Was super late for my lunch. My lunch was already served when I reached.

Triple Shrooms Baked Rice.. I always like the combi of mushrooms and cheese. And boy, I'm really glad that I've made the right choice. This is by far the best baked rice that I've tasted todate.

Flavorful rice with the cheese just nicely done. I hate those baked rice which are not so nicely baked, still so moist and watery after it's baked. I hope other outlets do have the same standard.
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Dinner date with @shopaholicdeb and Kenneth!

Venue chosen by Kenneth, apparently he's a regular there. They are actually known for their shabu shabu. While making our order, we decided to give shabu shabu a miss. Simply becos one doesn't eat pork and beef, one doesn't eat pork and the other one doesn't eat beef. Headache right? Hahaha 😂😂

This is mentaiko tamago.. recommended by Kenneth. Super good, love the burnt taste of the tamago. 😋😋😋👍

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Edamame.. Tot it's a bit too salty to my liking 😝

The owner heard that the 3 of us love mentaiko.. So here's another mentaiko dish recommended by the owner Connie.

Very refreshing dish.. Another favourite of Kenneth.. Radish salad 😋😋👍

Tempura.. So so, nothing special.

Wings on skewers 😋😋

Asari butter 😋😋

Teriyaki salmon.. We kinda over ordered..only ate abit and dabao the rest 😝😝

Have known Kenneth for a few years.. He was my MUA for my wedding five years ago. We have lost touch since then and kinda reunited thru Instagram and finally bumped into each other at Star Awards recently. Time flies 😉 Thanks Kenneth for the yummy dinner!

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