Good morning Dayreans! Beautiful blue sky… Sunny Saturday! Have a fab weekend ahead!😘😘☀️☀️

Dim sum lunch!

The dim sum starts from 8am on weekends and buffet dim sum from 3pm.

My verdict? Probably not my first choice for dim sum. I shall grade it passable only.

#foodreview #dimsum

The MIL's shredded pork and century egg porridge.. Didn't try this.

This spinach and mushrooms dumplings is probably one of the best I would grade out of the lots. Would prefer it to be in those 水饺skin though.

I like their chopsticks though.. Haha

The xiao long bao is a total failure! See the base? Typically the bottom should drape a bit as you lift it up and you can see the soup inside. But this… The base is so hard.

See.. It's so hard that it's shaped like a bowl 😂😂

The weather is so scorching hot today!

Guess where I was under this hot sun? 😩☀️

Chinatown.. That's where I was as the MIL wants to buy a charcoal stove. Didn't know this thing is so hard to find nowadays.

Feeling abit touristy while walking thru these streets 😂😂

Good deal hor 😂😂

From Chinatown to queensway.. Finally found you at Holland V.

Asked the hub to help me take my lazy #ootd while waiting for the MIL hee.. #camo

Spent the whole afternoon in this shop. Think we were there for more than 4 hrs. The hub been wanting to buy a foldable bike.

Small world. The sales person happened to be his secondary classmates whom he hasn't met since school days.

There are lots to choose from. You can take your time to choose and test ride around the vicinity.

So cool right!

After trying ard 5 bikes, I finally settled with this mint colour one. Yes, the hub got me one bike too haha 🚲🚲 Yay, my first very own bicycle 😉👏👏

Here's how it look when it's folded.

My hub got this model.