Review: Pasta Brava

Brekkie time with @shopaholicdeb and @tiggerte ☕️☕️

Very rare chance I get to eat in town. Lunch is always in such a rush..

Adam wanted to go Teppei initially but we opted for @tiggerte's suggestion in the end as again I was rushing for time. 带我出来真麻烦hahaha😁😁

The restaurant was pretty empty when when we arrived.

Very European feel right?😉🇮🇹

Drawings on the wall.. Probably these are great pieces left by some of their customers.

They provided colourful chalks on each table. Just draw on the paper cover. Didn't draw as I'm really bad in drawing.

The menu 🇮🇹🇮🇹

Grilled calamari.. Yummy! You can opt for the ordinary fried calamari or the grilled one. The grilled one is pretty refreshing, can taste the sweetness of the calamari. A much healthier option too 😋😋👍

More pepper please!!😁😁😋

And this.. Sautéed Portobello mushrooms. Omg!! This is damn good. Think I can finish the whole plate myself.

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Oops.. Too excited with the review. Forgot to post more pics of the menu. 📰📰

All words.. Guess all typical Italian restaurants present their menu in this format, looks more atas. I'm a more visual person. Would prefer a menu with lots of pictures, the visuals help a lot in deciding what to order. 😁

K… Let's continue with the food. Vongole.. Chose this as it has my favourite clams.

Hmm.. However it was quite a letdown. Pretty tasteless. For pasta, I usually prefer a harder pasta. This is however harder than my usual acceptance level.

Seafood marinara.. This is yummy! Heng this dish made the mark. 🍝🍝

2 choc lava cakes for 3. Actually I was already quite full. But somehow we still managed to whack everything. 😋😋 These are actually one of the best lava cakes I've eaten todate.

Look how it flows 😋😋😋

They do have set lunch too. $30.. Reckon it's quite a good deal. Didn't order as I dun like beef broth and I felt like eating pasta. Deep fried dory is so boring. 😝