It's FRIDAY! I seemed to be feeling happy, chirpy and chatty at work. I suppose to be feeling exceptionally happy today as it's early release Friday today. Simply don't understand why, the moment I reached home. I felt grumpy. It seems that there's nothing good that I'm looking forward to. Which prob explain why I didn't even have the mood to post on my Instagram recently. 😳😖

There may be something wrong with my eyes. Am seeing bubbles in my vision. Something like those small molecules with a black dot in the centre. Spotted them when I was driving to work in the morning. Initially I tot my windscreen is dirty. Then I noticed that the bubbles are moving. Look up in the sky and I see plenty of them. Hundreds and thousand of them. This is really freaking me out. 😳😳😖

Last night late dinner with the hub. Though it's early release Friday, it was almost 8pm when his mtg ended. Haiz, always like that. Luckily I made use of the time to do up my laundry while waiting, at least I accomplished something.

Fat fat 大头😋😋

And I love the sambal kang kong, not as oily as the usual one which are swamped in the chilli oil.