Rewind back to yesterday!

This was exactly how I was feeling before I went for my eye check yesterday.

The nurse gave me a few drops on both my eyes, I rested on the chair with my eyes closed. The drops helped to dilate my pupil so that my doc can run tests on my eyes.

After about 10mins later, the doc asked me in to run a test on my cornea. Hmm the left sides looks good, but the right side, there's some slight scarring. Totally freaked out when I heard that. What's does that mean? πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–

After the test, the nurse gave me a few more drops in my eyes and asked me to rest again as apparently the dilation wasn't as fast as they were expecting.

Finally doc ran the test on my pupil and the rest of my eyes I think.. Doc said no prob leh.. Asked him what am I still seeing the bubbles? He said those are my red blood cells? Huh? Why wasn't I able to see them in the past? He can't answer my constant probing I guess, he assured me that everything is ok.

And that I just have to keep monitor and have to come back when I see dark spots (abt30-40 of them) in my vision or flash light. 😩😩 huh? Looks like that the bubbles are gg to stay for good? Quite irritating to see a layer in front with bubbles floating around.

After all the tests, the nurse gave me some new drops, these are suppose to reverse the dilation process. However the reverse reaction will take quite a while to recover. What it meant is my vision continue blur will end of the day. So the doc gave me MC for the day. Apart from that the eyes will find light very glaring. My mum purposely walked home to bring her sunglasses to lend me. Mum is always the best 😘😘 The hub came to pick me up after that.

That's me wearing my mum's sunglasses while hving lunch with the hub in an indoor restaurant.

Our lunch πŸ˜‹

For once I couldn't look at my iPad, my hp.. So it's a no-gadget day for me. So practically spent the whole afternoon sleeping away. 😁😁