It's 10pm.. Late dinner date with the hubby. Both of us just done with work. Totally famished and waiting for our dinner to be served.

Hmmm.. Still waiting.. I'm drinking the thick thick Teh Tarik while waiting. Can guess where I'm at? 😁

And here comes our dinner. Very sinful to eat these at this hour. 不肥是假的😁😋. And these are not all 😱😱

And I finished this giant prata all by myself, with sausage and cheese. It's so big and it can't even fit onto the plate.

They have opened a new outlet at Macpherson Rd.

Got this from an ex-colleague! She just came back from a holiday to the UK. The doggies sunbathing at the beach, so cute hor! #sweetsurprise

Today's focal point – BLUE