Got the shock of my life during the wee hours this morning when I was awaken by a tight slap on my face. No this was not a dream lor, I opened my eyes and there it was, my hub was shocked that he gave me a slap during his dreams. I was too shock to react. I asked him who he dreamt of and he was speechless and kept saying sorry to me.

He came back from work and the moment he saw me, he laughed out loud again. Walau😆😆😆

He said he was laughing the whole day whenever he tot of that slapping moment. Dun know whether I should be happy or not. He said he was dreaming of a ghost pressing onto him, he managed to defeat one of them and then spotted another one so resulted in that slap. 真是又好气又好笑咯, dun know whether to laugh or angry. 😆😆 I'm speechless.