The Market Grill

Looking forward to the dinner with @whitechoco @tinklebells tonight!

My mtg ended early and here I am, at 6.18pm.. I'm already at the restaurant haha.. Super kiasu cos the restaurant doesn't take reservation. 先到先等咯。

I can play my Tsum Tsum to kill time while waiting lol 😁😁

The restaurant was super empty when I reached.

Very rare chance that I can arrive on time or early cos I'm usually stuck in office.

#foodreview #themarketgrill

Love the setup of the restaurant. Live lobsters swimming in the tank.

Stupid me.. Only realised that there's free parking after 5pm after I've already tore $2 worth of coupons.

See.. Very empty hor 😆😂

The #menu

In a dilemma now.. Should I go for the whole lobster or lobster roll? Hmmm…😋😋

Was super hungry so I ordered this to eat first while waiting. 😋😋

Onion matchsticks, so cute hor the name, very well named, so catchy that it caught my attention out of the other lots. 😂😂

And so.. I've made up my mind. The char-grilled whole lobster it shall be 😋😋

And three of us opted for the same – Char-grilled whole lobster 😋😋

Haha.. Good teamwork 👍👍😆

@whitechoco @tinklebells

Some more solo shots before we dig in!😆😆 @whitechoco

Haha so cute!😆😆 @tinklebells

Can't wait to dig in!! 😆😆😁

Someone doing a serious business here lol @whitechoco

A proper threesome photo.. But abit blur neh.. Lighting not good also. 😒😒

The mashed potato was really good!!👍👍😋

Ordered this special of the day – Creme Brûlée to share. So good!!👍👍😋

Nad with her bday (little) gifts. Happy birthday in advance!! 😘🎂 Enjoy your special day this Friday. Do keep us posted if you really have a surprise this Friday 😉 @whitechoco