I’m disturbed πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

I'm feeling very disturbed. πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

How would you feel when someone whom you are not close with.. (Oh well, he's not even my friend. We only liaise on work matters.) suddenly text you that said today is the last day of his life on his earth? 😨😨

There's this business associate of mine.. Who has been sending me quote of the day, thot of the day and some inspirational quotes on a daily basis.

Didn't respond to any of those messages as I believe he may have mass sent to many pple.

And then on last Friday, while on way to the airport, he sent me this..

Dear fren, today will be the last day of my life on this earth.

Thank you for being wif me on this journey. Luv, XXX

I didn't reply of cos.. And in less than an hour. He sent this..

My sincere apology can't think of better ways to bring across today's thots.

Seriously i like you to take a moment to ponder.

What If today is going to be the last day of life?

How would you choose to live it then?

Again I didn't reply.. And this came…

Dear fren I presume you must be swearing at me rite now for sending today's msg in such a manner.

I was in tears when I realised juz how caring & concern you are for a simple guy like me.

Just to set the record straight. I m still alive & kicking …

But again like wat another dear fren has once said bf "We can never, can tell…" wat our life wud be like the nxt moment.

May I wish you great health & happiness in your own life, my dear fren πŸ™‚

And the following day…he sent this…

Vivian a note to say I m fine.
I m deeply touched by the love & concern of friends like you. Am sorry tat I cud hv caused undue alarm to you yesterday.

I really dun know what to do.. Should I reply him and tell him directly not to send me any more messages? Some of my colleagues suggested that I should complain to his boss. Hmm.. What should I do? 😰😰