It's 5pm and I'm already home!! Woots! How I wish everyday I can knock off when the sun is still so glaring.

So happy that the workshop that I'll be in these two days is so near my house, just 2 mins drive. πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘

Ciao! Gonna head down to my mum's place for dinner now since my hub just updated that he'll be stucked in the meeting till late.

It's almost knock off time for everyone! Enjoy the rest of your evening! 😘😘

Brought my new free tote bag out to play. 😁😁 pic taken by @chloeyingen #hellokitty

Impromptu chef of the day!

Mum was feeling nauseous so had to lie down πŸ˜” She gave me instructions on how to cook the dish since she has already prepared the food, can't leave it till tomorrow.

@chloeyingen offered to be my assistant so that she can show me where to find the oil and sugar etc haha..

Prawns with brinjal – quite a failure as it was a bit burnt. @chloeyingen was sweet enough to comfort me "practice makes perfect" 😘😘