iPhone6 or iPhone6 Plus?

Yeah it's official! iPhone6 will be coming to Sg on 19 Sep, pre-order opens from 12 Sep.

Apple unveiled two new iPhones — the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus — both of them with the biggest displays of any smartphone in Apple history. The iPhone 6 features a screen measuring 4.7 inches diagonally, while the iPhone 6 Plus is even larger, at 5.5 inches.


The dilemma now is which one to go for.

Looking at capacity, I'll probably opt for iPhone6 which has 16gb, 64gb and 128gb. iPhone6 only comes in 16gb?

I'm also pretty excited about Apple Pay!

More details can be found here.


Prices without contract.

Late dinner with the hub.. Been a while since I ate bee hoon kuey.

This is so commercialized. Still prefer homecooked one cos each piece has it's unique thickness and texture 😁😋