✈️✈️ Day 1 in BKK!

Woohoo! Time to use this sticker again!!

It's 5.20am and here we are, at Changi Airport queuing to check in our baggage! 😉

The shops are closed at these hours. No shopping 😩

Shall go and have our bf first ☕️

To all lovely Dayreans out there, happy holiday today! Enjoy this PH! 😘

At BKK immigration. Not too crowded but the speed is meh. 😩 one more ahead of me. Faster faster. Platinum calling for me hahaha 😅😅

First stop – get our data sim card!

Blur @shopaholicdeb brought along a totally batt flat spare phone. Now have to wait for her to charge then can buy her SIM card as they need to help do the setting for the activation.

Cheap cheap ka 😆

Go down one floor to level 1 for public taxi.

Just approach any of the counter. They are very systematic.

450bt to our hotel.

No pink taxi 😅🚕

Sawadeeka! Greetings from BKK! @shopaholicdeb

#charmmylovestotravel #charmmyinbkk

Staying on the executive floor, so spacious.. I like 😍😍

The bathroom that doesn't have a door that can lock 😅😅

Spent our first stop at Platinum food court before we start our shopping.

Missed the fried mamee. The standard seems to have dropped abit though. The mango is not as sweet also.

On a side note, the food centre has been refurbished. So much brighter, cleaner and organised now.

We only managed to conquer the basement and level one of platinum and we already can feel the zzz monster hitting us.

Managed to buy 7 pieces of clothing each.

Went back to our hotel try on our buys, not too bad 😁😁

Was raining cats and dogs when we are about to head out.

Took a cab and head to Siam Paragon.

Spotted this pretty cafe! Can guess where this is?

We were feeling abit hungry then so we decided to head in and check it out.

It's Harrods Tearoom!

We ordered The Chelsea to share. This is for one serving. How to finish all by yourself? Must be a really hungry person. 😅

Topped with a red velvet cake!

Love the waitresses' hats!!

One more tier to go!

We also ordered this to share. Deluxe Foie Gras Benedict. 490baht, thought the price is really reasonable.

And it's so so yummy!! 😋😋😋👍👍

Let it flow, let it flow 😆😆

Chey! Mine was a failure, doesn't flow one 😩

The price is pretty reasonable. 😉👌


Dare to wear this?

The earrings are much more acceptable.

With Mr Teddy Tearoom

Love browsing the interesting items at Siam Paragon. Love this!!😍😍

And I super love this. So tempted to buy it but I think my hub will say I buy rubbish back again if I buy. 😅

This one so cute too!

Hello Kitty make up.


Check out the matchy mummy and daughter duo!

So cute!!!😍😍😍

That orange box!😅😅

Cute hor


I think my hub will faint when he sees this 😅😅

I 😍 HB!

That's how bad the traffic was when we were heading back to the hotel.

Met @surerain back at our hotel. She took a later flight.

We went for dinner at MK Gold. MK is one of my must eat when I come to BKK.

Very posh setting.

Love how they serve our order. Very smart, space saving lol

Foodporn photography in action lol @surerain @shopaholicdeb

@surerain and her meat! 😆 standard dropped liow

Our dinner!😋

This is so cute!!

Creative Halloween deco