✈️✈️Day 1 in Taipei

Jetting off in an hour. Flying alone. Lots of me time before I meet up with my cousin who's staying in Taipei.

Enjoying my breakfast now.

Can't do without my breakfast 😆

Packed my luggage in a jiffy. Was too tired to plan the outfits. Hope I've brought enough to wear for the week. 😅

Boarding✈️✈️.. Goodbye Singapore!

Waiting for the driver to drive over the car..


The cousin brought me to a telco near her house to buy the data card.

So cool, get to choose the phone no 😉

They even need to take my photo during the registration 😅

Came here to check out their coffee.

Wanted to check this out after seeing their pics posted on Ig.

This was what I saw on IG. So cool right! #samcoffee

#charmmylovestotravel #charmmyintaipei

The price list

Ben and Rilakkuma 😉

This is real cat hor

Luckily the cat is very well trained. I'll sure freak out if she walks around. 😅😅

Another real pet. She was lying there in the same position while we were there.

No minimum spending amount per pax but each pax has to order at least one drink.

My cute little niece Edelyne

Feel free to play around with the toys.

All these too

Small cosy place

I love Scully!

Caught in the act..

While waiting for our drinks 😉

Beet independent gal, wants to eat herself 😉

We took quite a while to decide on our drinks. They dun have a pictorial menu. We actually need to browse through their FB thru our hp.

They should really consider having a pictorial menu. Quite a waste of time I feel, cos still need to clarify.. Eg.. Some designs only comes in hot milk, some in hot choc.. A physical pictorial guide with different options will certainly help to save some time.

My matcha

Enjoying my tea 🍵 with Mike & Scully 😉

Ba ba ba..

Don't worry @shopaholicdeb, we'll come here again when you are here 😁

Lots of pic opportunity, all patrons are allowed to stay there for max 2 hours

I only realized they have a snoopy when we were about to leave.

We took the train to songshan station. Exit 5 is the nearest to Raohe night market. This is a new train line so all rides along this green line is FOC for the month of Nov. How nice!!

You will see the temple when you walk out from exit 5.

Raohe night market is just next to the temple.

Was attracted by this stall.

Featured on TV programme

We opted for the wasabi dressing. Very yummy!!

Tot these are abit too overlooked.

Giant Mickey!!😍😍

So so good!

Very reasonable pricing

Baked oysters!