Day 5 in Taipei!

We are off on a roadtrip to 十分,新竹 and 台中! 😎😎

Just reached Taichung. Almost 9pm already. Famished 😋😋

#charmmylovestotravel #charmmyintaipei

I want prawns!!

现炒 or 快炒is equivalent to our zichar. Dishes are mostly NT100 per dish. Very economical 😋😋👍

蛤蜊 is the best in Taiwan!



鳳梨虾球…OMG!! Super good lor. Whole plate was wiped out within 2mins lol

蛤仔酥.. Another must order! 😋😋👍

Some fish. Can't rmbr the name lol

My cousin said this is so so much better than Taipei.

Super satisfying meal. Will definitely be back!!

Taichung. Didn't expect it to be so happening 😍

Yeah!! Round 2.. More good food ahead!!

More clams!! 😋😋

Can I have all please?😋😋👍

Order slip

Cute presentation 😉

Big, fat and juicy 😋😋😋👍

Garlic ones is even better 😋😋👍

I want I want I want!!

Rewind back to earlier part of the day.

We are ready for our roadtrip!✌️

Very excited! 😁 @shopaholicdeb

😎😎 very good sunny weather today. Would have been better if it is a bit colder 😁

Can't beat @chloeyingen for her #wefie skills

First stop – Pingxi Shifen 平溪十分


Love this kind of nostalgic places

And old streets like this..

Why is everyone looking so engrossed except me? 😅😅


With Mr Banana haha 😅

Cousins love

Gals power 👯👯

More gals power lol 👯👯👯

With @chloeyingen

Morning ray..

Love this street art

Famous 香肠stall

This flying baby is so cute!! 😍😍

Would have bought this if this comes in smaller size 😔😔

Too cute to be missed 😅😅

Getting the “我到此一游”stamp 😅

Wishes on these bamboos

Finally a group pic of the whole gang 😉


"Edelene, give me a pose" and this is what you get 😅😅


From that famous sausage stall

This gal can really eat non stop 😅😅

Finally we adjourned to the train station. The station is still in operation. 🚂🚂

Choose the type of lantern for your specific categories of wishes. We opted for the four colours one so can cover more wishes 😅😅

The place for us to write our wishes…

Let me write down my 大名first lol 😁

Super busy😅😅


All ready and set to let go!

Lighting the lantern..


Huat Ah!!

Our turn now

Woohoo!! The mum looking very scared here as the hot air out from the lantern is very hot

Nice shot by my cousin

A shot on the track before the train comes

Here comes the 🚂🚂


Beautiful blue sky

Next stop – 内湾

It was only around 4pm and the sun is already setting down..

With @chloeyingen

Another old street 😍😍


Old school sweets

Next stop – hotspring at 新竹