$3 Abalone

Do you believe in what packaging says?

Contains abalone? Serious??

Wah.. Really got a whole piece of abalone!

Tada!! Only one whole piece lah, the rest are add-ons lol 😅😅

The size is really quite reasonable for its price.

@tiggerte you should consider buying some and store at home. Can backup if your two 宝贝儿子suddenly have craving for abalone. Much more economical. 😜

Today's lunch date with the hub!

It's been a while since we patroned Fish & Co.

Didn't know they have gone on to self ordering system on a tablet.

My "powerful" root beer float 😅

Drumlets which were too spicy for our tastebuds 😜

My seafood platter for 1. Too much, can't finished.. I still think Manhatten Fish Market is better.

Add on $5.95 for these baked scallops. Not very yummy though.

Boring fish n chips for the hub.