Meet Baby Randall!

Babies are the cutest!!

I had the opportunity to attend a royal party today. Yes, baby shower for Prince Randall, Your Highness 😜

It's my first visit to Tott.

Nice and spacious place to hold a party.

There's even a Frozen bday party happening at the cooking studio next door.

Children's bday parties nowadays are really lavish.

Here's Baby Randall. So chubby!

He was sleeping throughout the 3 hours when I was there.

Chubby cheek 😘😘

Another sleeping posture πŸ˜…

He looks abit like his Jie Jie Renee in this pic.

My turn to carry 😁

With Mummy Queenie and Daddy Stephen. Congrats on your new bundle of joy!

Spot the double chin!!

Mandatory group shot 😁

A pity didn't get to meet up with @surerain as she has to rush off to a wedding lunch.

Mini cupcakes which was really good, not too sweet πŸ˜‹

Is that Nemo the clown fish? 🐟

At at MIL waiting for dinner to be served.

My MIL has to consult my hub when handling some exquisite seafood dishes. Amazing isn't it? Shouldn't it be the other way round? 😁

Fried hor fun. Looks really yummy πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Some giant clams which my MIL doesn't know how to handle.

The hub then mixed some ginger, garlic, chillies and some shaoxin wine.

Now put onto the steamer. Let's wait. πŸ˜‹