Kickstarting our planting project!

Looking back on what have happened over the year, there seems to have quite a number of unhappy incidents.

Awaken by another sadden news this morning.. Air Asia QZ8501 lost contact after departing from Surabaya. The plane was due to arrive in Sg at 8am.

Just saw in the news, it has been confirmed that the plane has crashed in the Singapore sea region.

Let's be thankful and be contented of what we have. Treasure our loved ones. #feelingblessed

Our planting project!


The hub has bought this for me a couple of months back.

Was really too busy to bother with it. It was deserted at a corner of my dining table for the longest time. Lol

I think my hub had really given up on me haha


There are four different designs.

Here's my pet. Anyone know what's the name of this breed?

Put in three quarter of the soil.

Add in water.

Stir in the water.

Then add in the seeds.

Pour in the remaining quarter of the soil.

That's all. Simple right?

Let's see if it will really grow in a week time😉

All seated and ready to feast in!

11more mins to go before the buffet starts.

Char Kuay Teow galore.. Woohoo!!😋😋 #penanghawkersfare #yorkhotel

Only max 2 plates each time!

The queue is really never ending.

Her fave Ban Chiang Kuey.

The previous owner one tasted better. This is too dry and crisp.

More Penang goodies..

The laksa wasn't as good as the last round.

This was the humble laksa owner.

Pic taken during our last visit in Sept.

Didn't expect that this was the last we saw him.

Just got to know through his brother that he collapsed in his sleep during his last visit to Sg during last Sept. He never made it back to Penang. 客死异乡so sad lor

May you rest in peace.


Enjoying her ice ball again haha😋


Today's meal was courtesy of York Hotel as my sis won the free buffet vouchers with this pic. 😉


New #polaroid on my fridge.

Pics taken during dinner tonight.

See, the hub's eyes swaying to somewhere else again 😤

Bought these 僵尸 cos thought they were really cute.

Didn't know that these #funko are so popular nowadays.

RP $18.90 each, it was selling at 3 for $50 and free one. So only paid $50 for these four.

Now what do I do with these? 😅