Heavy heart😓

How was your day? 😉

Guess for those back at work, things should be going slow for most of you since the year is coming to an end?

Super envy cos it's super busy for me. 😓

Reckon I have to go to work super early tomorrow so that I can clear as much as I can cos it's early release tomorrow! Yay!

But no plans for tomorrow night though. #nolife

What's your plan for tomorrow night? Countdown party? Please share the joy! 😁

Let's check the progress of my planting pet project (Day 3)

Can see some progress liow. Not bad wor 😁😁


The officials have confirmed on locating the debris of AirAsia QZ8501.

It's really sad. My heart really goes out to the families and loved ones of those on board the plane. #rip

Well, at least it's a closure for them. Unlike ✈️MH370, which remains a mystery till today since its disappearance on 8 March this year.

A very unfortunate year for the Malaysian Aviation for suffering 3 crisis this year. 😥

Get constant update on QZ850 at CNA live blog.