Mac All-Day breakfast

Just had a super satisfying late lunch.

Breakfast Deluxe at 4pm.

Today is the last day for McDonald's All-day breakfast.

#mcdonaldsbreakfast #alldaybreakfast

Hope it'll be back soon! 😁

Cos breakfast time is always over by the time my hub wakes up πŸ˜…

Off to a relative's wedding. #aotd

Candy table

Pocky for you in case you're hungry 😁

Wedding favours

Hashtag your pics 😁

The hub with her sis. Someone used to be as slim as the sis until someday he suddenly ballooned πŸ˜…

And then the MIL joined in..

Finally our turn πŸ˜‰

Was too bored so we sneaked out for a #selfie 😁


Dress: #ohvola
Clutch: #givenchy