The hub sent me this pic during lunch and asked me if I like this?

Haha so nice wor..

I've already have my 自拍神器so this one quite redundant lor. Don't want to appear too greedy.

Guess how I replied…

"You want to buy me a present? Hmmm.. How about a Lindy?" Hahaha #tryingveryhard

And the reply I got "No, no…off budget". 😩😩 ok lor, try harder again..

Today was a rare chance to go for work tog with the hub.

We usually drive two cars even though we work in the same building as I'm always early and he's always late.

But that gave him a chance to have a good look at my bag of the day.

"What brand is this? How come I never see this before?"

Hello.. I bought this bag at least 8 yrs ago lor, way before I even knew you. 😠😤#iswearineverbluffthistime

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