Updating my Dayre as I'm eating my lunch @ 3pm.


Well, not really pay day yet.

But still happy as I've managed to make a deal today. Yay!

Managed to sell this baby today.💶💶

虽然有点舍不得.. Oh well, 旧的不去新的不来right? 😁


Sneak preview, received colour proofing from my vendor today.. Design by moi 😉

Eager to see the end product.

Simple dinner tonight.

Eating light as the tummy is damn painful, time of the month 😓

Was complaining to my colleague about the pain and that it also caused my back pain. And the rest of the 3 ladies replied today, "I also, today first day", "I today 2nd day".. Haha damn funny. Didn't expect all 4 of us are having our time of the month tog lol..

And one of them suggested "let's go buy iBet "1122". Wish us luck hahaha

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