Happy "meh meh" Year! 🐑🌸🍊

🍊🌸恭贺新禧 迎春接福🌸🍊

Keep Calm & Huat Ah! ㊗️

七早八早 all ready to wait for the Lion Men to come lol


"Dong Chiang Dong Chiang"

Blessing the balcony..

What's happening here?

Hey, there's a mini version here.

The two little munchkins still catching no ball what's happening here lol

The two of them kept saying "怕怕", luckily both didn't cry lol

@chloeyingen with her favourite Han Han

#wefie time, annual tradition 😉

So difficult to get both the twins to look at the cam tog 😅

The annual "Do Re Min" pic 😅😅

Still looking gong gong 😅😅



Selfie rod came in real handy at such festive occasion 🍊😅

Personalised Coke 😉

Eyelet details for 初一

Steamboat again for lunch 😋😋

Cny agar agar

The cute little yuan bao

Grandma with her two granddaughters.

Heading out for 初一dinner.

@chloeyingen seen here with matchy meh meh skirt and top with grandma 😉

#shoeporn #chanel

My first #louhei of the year 😋

Attempted to take some cool #ootd with the nieces but @chloeyingen totally spoiled the feel with her constipated smile 😅😅

Think we shall keep to our usual mainstream pic 😅

Both in Ang Ang #ootd 😅 #hermes #charmmybagcollection

Off to watch midnight movie with the family and cousin.

Watching movies is our annual CNY activities 😁🎥🎥

It's movie time! Hope it's good! 😉