Not really a roadtrip.. We are on our way to our grandma's house who is staying across the island, at the mainland while we stay in the small island Georgetown. 😉

#ootd to Popo's house #hermes #charmmybagcollection

The mum was very reluctant to wear this Ang Ang qipao out, we kinda forced her into it, she finally obliged lol

Mother and daughter in matchy blue outfit

Another matchy mother and daughter outfit @shopaholicdeb @chloeyingen

Always looking forward to our 初二lunch at grandma's house as our uncle will always whipped up all our favourite dishes.. Some dishes that we grew up eating..

And this is something which we all love. Fish stomach 😋😋👍

Another nyonya dish which we grew up eating.. Assam prawns 😋😋👍

Lor bak.. The only lor bak which we can eat cos this is halal, made of chicken hee

And prawn fritters that we always been fighting for 😋

With the grandma, it has been a while since I last met her. How I hope I can get to see her more often.

With Han Han, who's wearing last CNY hat, which is a bit too small to fit his head now 😅

Ma Ma looking so happy here 😉

Gong Xi Gong Xi

Yes… Finally a shot with Gong Xi Gong Xi 😉👍

#wefie at grandma's house. Missing one munchkin as gor gor was sleeping.

Such a rare occasion to see grandma smiling so happily 😘😘

With the cousins at 大舅's house

Future Jay Chou in the making? 😁

Gor Gor getting little bit cranky after his nap 😅

Great to see my niece Hayley who's back from Australia with her parents for CNY. She's such a cutie, will blow kisses and hug everyone.

CNY is a great opportunity to catch up with babies and toddlers.

My first time meeting my niece Rou Rou today. Have been seeing her pics from FB feed since she was born and never have a chance to meet her till today. 😉

Another niece who simply loves make up. She will go on to YouTube and search for make up videos and watch on her own.

Reckon her make up skills is definitely much better than mine. 😅 She was so glad that we agreed to let her put on her mummy's lipstick for us today haha..

Do you like the red lippie on me? 😁💄💋💋

We had our 2nd #louhei on 初二today.

I swear this is the best yusheng.

Spot the octopus. This is so yummy! 😋😋

Tasted so good with the jelly fish as well.

@chloeyingen with her kids meal. The bowl is so cute !

My Chirashi sushi don which only cost RM38.

Finally had the chance to start gambling today, the yearly CNY tradition.

Times seem to have changed. Seems that the kids have taken over, the kiddos have kick started since CNY eve while adults like us only started today haha 😅 Come to think about it, we also started since we were kids lah haha

Cousins came over to our house to gamble after dinner.

So happy to be one of the big winner tonight. 😁 gonna buy breakfast for the family tomorrow morning with my winnings!