Last weekend of CNY

Another one with the colleagues, my face super big here πŸ˜…


Today is the last weekend for this CNY.

How have you been spending your day? Hope it has been good πŸ˜‰

#ootd to the office to clear some work.

It's 5pm now, only a few hours more to enjoy.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!😘

Just did my first review on #8dayseat. 😁

My ID is whencharmmyeats πŸ˜‹Find me if you are on this platform too!

Still trying to get used to this space. Seems that can only do review on places that's on that platform?? Hmmm…

Anyway, was pondering on what to eat for dinner.

Searched through the #8dayseat app and found this.

Review on its paella seems quite good πŸ˜‹

What is Ambush about?

It's a fast casual European dining restaurant.

Cute deco

They have the open kitchen concept

Topped up $5.50 each for soup of the day and a drink.

The Clam Chowder was pretty food, with reasonable portion of clams.

The iced lemon tea on the other hand was such a flop. Totally tasteless, so diluted. Could have just asked for iced water instead 😳

All of these were served in less than 10mins, too good to be true.

Hubby's dinner – Ambush's Paella, seems to be their signature dish.

Hubby said its pre-prepared, it's merely risotto served in a pan. Aiyah, already said its fast casual dining, can't expect them to cook from rice grains right? Lol 😝


My Risotto Al Nero with soft shell crab. The risotto is abit too hard to my liking.

The Caesar salad was pretty good though.

The hubby wasn't too impressed with this place, guess we won't be back again πŸ˜…