#tributetolky #ThankYouLKY


Just listened to the national address of PM Lee.

Though not being a Singaporean, I can't help but felt saddened by the passing of this great leader.

Was truly touched by the national address of PM Lee. Can totally felt his pain for losing his mentor and father.

Mr Lee KY, you are truly a legend. As what PM Lee quoted, you have gave it all, your life for a great Singapore.

RIP.. #ThankYouLKY

So much things to clear at work.

Was called to attend a meeting with the big bosses in the afternoon.

Feeling really shagged. Came straight home after that and decided not to on my laptop and look at those endless emails.

Just finished two loads of laundry. ✔️

The aftermath of a holiday, lol..

Time to think of what to what for dinner. 😋

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