A solemn Friday

Up at 5am. Going to join my company contingent to pay respect to Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

The average waiting time as of now is 7 hrs. Don't think I'll be able to make it as I have a meeting at 9am.😰😰

Will still go ahead and join the queue and see how later. Already prepared to queue overnight tonight if need be.

#rememberingLKY #thankyouLKY

With the management and the contingent this morning.

A tribute to Mr Lee…

Remembering Mr Lee…

Tributes everywhere..

Stickers left by the Singapore River by some kind souls – An Anonymous for the public to take while adjourning to the start of the queue..

In a really solemn mood today..

The existing waiting time as of 7am was 7 hours.

As expected, I couldn't join in the queue. 😔😔

Since it's very early, along with a couple of my colleagues, we walked to the esplanade bridge to distribute the remaining flowers to the public.

All, in one united goal..

Disappointed me..Heading back to my office for my meeting 😔

Unlimited supply of food, to ensure that we are not hungry..

@chloeyingen joined in the queue too.

Thank you volunteers!

At 4pm.. Still scorching hot ☀️☀️

6pm. Yay moving on to our second tent

@ Tent 2 @shopaholicdeb @chloeyingen

PM Lee came to send his regards 😊

Solemn look

Minister Lawrence Wong explaining to our batch how much longer to expect.

Seeking our patience and sending his regards.

6.35pm – We are finally walking out of The Padang.

The officer telling us that there's still a long way to go. 7 more hours to be expected. Hope he's just exaggerating.

Umbrella provided everywhere

Lots of walking ahead..

Manual cooling system. Thank you! Shiok! 😉👍


Can finally see the opposite lines

Nurses came to pay respect in their uniforms

A different perspective of the Esplanade

Still a long way to the floating platform..

Organized queuing system though..

Lost count on how many rows there were..

While underneath the floating platform.

We were here for at least an hour with not much movement at all.

@chloeyingen eating her dinner..

She found some cardboard and made herself comfortable.

Finally back at this same spot at 9.03pm, took more than 2 and half hrs to make the U Turn.

Finally we saw the Victoria House. Was told that at this point to expect another approximately 2 hrs from here.

Minister Tan Chuan Jin sending us his regards, he asked us if we have enough drinks and food along the way..

Just before we head down the tunnel. The officer briefing us that we are almost there. He joked that good news, we have completed more than half the journey, just another hour ahead of us.

He explained that they have to move the crowd slower at this point as they do not want people stucked underneath the tunnel as it could get too suffocated.

Appreciate these officers and marshalls for briefing and updating us along the way.

So much care and support was given to us along the way.

Such a beautiful piece of tribute. Seeing this again brought the emotions out of me.😭

Yay we are really almost there!

To expect another 20mins from here.

As we got nearer and nearer, the emotions started to flow..

Card and pen for us to pen down our thoughts and wishes to Mr Lee..

Pardon my ugly writing.

@missypalette sorry for the delay, so here's my writing. Yours in nicer ☺️

More zig zags..

Cards on the display..

Have never queued so long in my life. But glad that we managed to do it last night.

More than 7 hrs of waiting, it was all worth it, to pay our last respect to the great Mr Lee.

Was so emotional when I took my last three bows to the great man.

RIP Mr Lee Kuan Yew. #rememberinglky #ThankYouLKY #thankyou #latergram

So many people were there to pay their last respect tonight.

They even have to temporary suspend the queue to pay respect for the safety and well being of those already in line.

It finally resumed at 6.15am Saturday.