Off to the office to clear my work.

There's so much debate whether to wear white or black today.

Just go with your thoughts, be it white and black, don't make it political.

For me, I chose white.

Afterall, it's the thoughts that count.

The day has finally come to bid farewell. It's sad but may he rest in peace and reunite in heaven with Mrs Lee.

#ripLKY #thankyouLKY #rememberingLKy

Let's all salute the right way today.

Leave the photography to the professionals.


Goodbye Mr Lee.

Watching your coffin being carried out from the Parliament.. Again the tears just can't stop flowing. 😭😭

Even the sky is weeping. So many people are braving the heavy rain to bid farewell.

Thank you Dayre team @blog for creating these stickers as a tribute to Mr Lee.

One of my favourite official pics of the mourning week.

Flags were put on half-mast to symbolize the national mourning for Mr Lee.

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