Happy 7th!

Happy April Fools Day! 😁

Gotta be stucked here for two days. πŸ˜…

The summit was supposed to end at 8pm.

Was so happy when the organizer told us that they are gonna bring forward the cocktail timing.

So happy that I can siam this segment, really don't like this kinda networking event. Cos I'm really very shy by nature. 😁

Woohoo, so I managed to leave before 6pm.

Looking forward to the date with the hubs tonight.

It's our Pak Tor 7th anniversary today. Yes, it happened on April Fool's Day.

How ironic right? 😁

Was pleasantly surprised that the hubs reminded me about our date tonight yesterday amidst his busy schedule.

While at the summit today.. One more day to goπŸ˜…

No romantic dinner.

This is how we celebrate on every April Fools Day.


Should have gone somewhere more romantic 7 years ago. πŸ˜‚

Free popcorn for dessert!πŸ˜‹