Fri-date with 梁文福

The concert starts at 8pm. Luckily we decided to be there early.

1st panic: we were so early and the carpark was already full when we reached. Luckily we were able to find alternate parking place.

As we were happily walking over from our carpark, the Mum asked the sis if she remembers to bring along the concert tickets. She replied yes and opened her bag to double check.

2nd panic: The tickets are not in her bag!! It's in another bag. 😱😱

To redeem herself, the sis immediately went to catch a cab to head back to take the tickets.

And time is running short, we are only left with an hour before the concert starts.

Next challenge: all of us are so hungry and we are only left with an hour to settle our dinner.

Everywhere is so crowded! All the eateries at least have more than 10 pple in the queue.

Strategy? Split operation!

Me and the niece queued at Porn's while the Mum at the HK cafe and the bro at Subway.😅😅

While in the queue..

Founder of Porn's

Cute tuk tuk

#wefie while waiting for @shopaholicdeb to dash here with the tickets..

Ms ambassador 😁😁 @chloeyingen

Iced coffee and iced tea were pretty nice.

I ordered the red roselle which was yucky, so mum exchanged her iced coffee with me 😁

Looks so so only but it tasted superliciously good!! We were so tempted to order another portion if only we have more time 😜

Some platter.. The prawn one is the best among all..

And the Phad Thai, nothing to complain about. 👍👍


Full house.. With 5000 guests

Last photo which I managed to take.

He requested everyone of us to keep the stories shared tonight to those who are present tonight.

Indeed, a very powerful statement.

Everybody was very obedient from then on, no more snapping of photos and videos… Just sit back and enjoy the night. 😉👍

Geeky in action again 😎

Half time @ 10.15pm

#blurlook 😅😅

And the whole concert ended only at 12.30am. More than 4 hours of entertainment.. The finale was so touching.

In our sleepy look after 4.5hrs of show😴😴