Happy Mid-week!

Good morning everyone!!

Started the day really early today cos the hubs asked me to wake him up an hour earlier than his usual wake up time.

And he's the type that needs the longest time to snooze. So you can imagine how much effort I have to put in to get him out of the bed.

Sometimes I can even finish a few chores and even finish my breakfast and he's still as dead as a log 😆😆😆

Hang in there everybody, it's mid-week!!

And it's two days to the long weekend!

On a side note, was really happy to sell off my mini paraty the other day.

Since I seldom used it nowadays, thought I should put it up for sale, so that she can find a new owner. 😉

Glad that she has found an owner who can appreciate it. 😄

And this really made my day lor ☺️☺️


Quick dinner before our next game🎳 starts. 😉