Short stint in Penang // BKK Bound ✈️✈️

Goodbye +65! 😉

Camo!! 😍😍

These are on markdown too!!😍😍

Huat ah!! 😁😁

Someone is super excited lor 😆😆😆

Great to be back in my hometown! 😉

With her favourite Han Han 😉

Back at the airport. Checking in to our next flight 😊

Happy gathering with her cousin 😉

Looking forward to our all-gals trip! 😉

It's been a while since we last travel with our cousin.


Greetings from BKK!!

Sawadeeka 🙏🏻🙏🏻

#charmmylovestotravel #charmmyinbangkok

Star struck moment!!

We were at the telco getting our datacard… Then we saw the telco gals rushing out of their counters with their HPs. Then we saw a crowd surrounding a tall guy..

So I decided to run over and check it out.. 😁

Wah got 帅哥 wor.. 😍😍

Since he's so handsome, I shameless approached him and asked for a pic with me. 😊😊

The telco gals asked to see my pic with him and they were super envy as mine turned out so clear 😁😁

Asked the gals who this guy is, apparently he's a Thai singer, a superstar in Thailand.

The telco gal also helped to type his name in Thai in my phone. Did a google search. His name is Beam. 😊

Ok end of our star struck moment story.

📷by: Juliana (nice pic, thank you! 😘)

On our way to our hotel liow 😆