A&E scare

It's been than 2.5 hrs, and the queue no for the Dr. that I'm seeing only changed once.

Really falling asleep already. 💤💤💤

Felt bad that my mum had to send me to A&E in the middle of the night, only slept a couple of hours and now still have to accompany me here since 8 plus in the morning.

Mum's always the best. 😢

Finally seen the urologist after almost 4 hours of waiting.

Thanks @surerain @tinklebells @miiranya and @farahdean for your concern.

I had acute pain on my right waist when I attempted to lie down to sleep last night.

Mum helped me apply some ointment and massaged but the pain didn't really subside.

The pain was so bad that I couldn't sleep so mum brought me to A&E in the middle of the night.

After examining me, the ER doc suspected that I have stones in my kidneys and said she will refer me to a urologist.

After much anxiety, after 3 hours of waiting, the nurse came to tell me to hold my bladder as the doc wants to run an ultrasound for me.

Shouldn't they tell me during the onset and not after more than 3 hours. I may have already cleared my bladder by then.

Luckily I didn't. Was too weak and didn't feel like walking around.

The doc did the ultrasound for me. Thankfully he said my kidney is ok and not swollen. The pain could have been caused by strained muscles.

He asked if I have any fall recently. Then I recalled that I had a fall more than two weeks ago during one of my bowling games.

I fell on my left bum and only felt the pain on the bum and slight bruises on my knees.

The doc said I may have strained the muscles on my right waist when I fell down. And the pain could have been triggered by heavy stuff which I carried recently.

Immediately in my thoughts – those heavy luggages 😅

However, somehow I having some doubts about the credibility of this doc.

Asked him to write me a report so that I can pass to another doc in Sg in case I need further follow up.

He wrote me three lines – orthopedic surgeon, spine surgeon, kidney ultrasound normal. #faint 😓