Alone to the GP

Quick lunch while waiting for the polyclinic to open.

Spent the day to and fro my GP clinic and polyclinic.

Did an X-ray but the GP couldn't diagnose any significant cause of the pain.

Now have to refer me to a specialist. Asked which specialist, the GP said to Internal Medicine as he didn't know which specialist in specific to refer me to.

Internal Med as they view things in general, they probably will do scans like CT Scan for me. 😔

What's wrong with me? Sigh..

Dinner situation at 9.33pm.


I actually just asked for a bowl of ramyeon or bibimbap since it's so late already.

But the hubs felt it's too little, so as usual he went all the way. How to lose weight like that 😅

This is my fave pajeon. Love the taste and the crispness at the side, just that it could be a bit too floury..

Noticed the pork belly and the octopus?

Basically this dish marry the favourites mine and my hubs.

The hubs will focus on the pork belly while I will whack all the octopus. 😋

Lost count of how many octopus I've ate already. 😅😅

#dayrefatties #koreanfood

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