Hello Kitty Experience

Brought the niece @chloeyingen to dabao lunch.

Can recognize this place?

Hint: 118 😝😝


My handy assistant, yes like real πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Was praising her for being so useful, however next minute she told me "Yi Yi, can you help me carry a bag please?"

Aiyo.. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

Vegetarian Bee Hoon from my favourite stall..πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

The vegetarian bee hoon is so different from the other stalls..

Have you heard about the new Sanrio-themed jet that has arrived in Singapore on this Monday?

This jet will be taking off from Changi Airport from Jun 21.

This EVA Air Hello Kitty Shining Star Jet will fly permanently between Singapore and Taipei under the flight number BR215 and BR216.

Singapore is the first in Southeast Asia to host the Hello Kitty jet.

How lucky!!

The Eva Air HK jet was first launched in 2011. A pity it didn't fly to Southeast Asia then.

But I was very determined to sit through this special themed jet.

And so I purposely planned a holiday to Hong Kong and Taipei back in 2012 so that I have the opportunity to book HK-TPE Hello Kitty jet.


Still remember clearly that we had to pay a premium to book these flights.

And EVA Air dropped me a bomb a couple of weeks before our flight.

They said that the HK-TPE will be via a normal jet and that the airline reserved the right to do so. 😀😀

Hello!! What do you mean you reserve the right to do so??

I paid a premium for that themed flight ok??

Hahaha this was really my reaction then.


I was very determined to get on that flight. And so to make my dreams come true, I wrote to the CEO.

But I didn't get a reply. 😐

So off I went for our trip to HK with a heavy heart loaded with insecurities.

Finally it's the day to fly to Taipei.

Was trying to look for a Hello Kitty check in counter but there wasn't any. πŸ˜₯

And then I got my boarding pass. Yay, it's a HK boarding pass!

Phew!! Never felt so happy in my life to receive my boarding pass!

But in my mind, I was still thinking, is this just a consolation for me?


Finally we saw our flight and I can really smile liow πŸ˜†

The flight was really empty.

Maybe only about 20% occupied?

Think most of the non-HK crazed people probably doesn't want to pay a premium.

The headrest cover..

The TV screen..

The amenities..

The disposable bags..

The napkins..

The stewardess in HK aprons.. So cute hor

One of them even posed for me πŸ˜‰

HK everywhere..


I dabao-ed this cup back πŸ˜…

Merchandise available inflight..

The safety guide

Only the packaging has the HK image..

We were all prepared for our HK experience 😁

Oh ya, missed out on the toilet rolls πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

Nicer pic

Credit: evakitty.evaair.com

The cushions.. Never give me these leh

The latest 2015 HK series also included other Sanrio characters like The Twin Stars.. @tinklebells's favourite hee

The latest design is so cute!!

The headrest cover..

My Melody is one of the characters featured too!

The cutleries..

Awww super love the playing cards 😍😍

The disposable napkins!

And they even have milk bottles 😍😍

Too cute to be eaten..

Eye candy 😍😍😍