Brunch @ Paris Baguette // Flashback on MLTR 25 Live

Brunch (actually it's lunch time alreadyπŸ˜†) date with the hubs..

Enjoy your weekend to the max!

The weather is still as hot as the past week.

Do remember to drink more water and keep yourself hydrated! 😎😎

They have designated spot for you to place your order device..

Place it at that spot so that they know where to serve your food to..

Our order..

My cheese omelette with spinach, felt a bit "gelat" towards the end.. πŸ˜…

The hubs' traditional breakfast.

Their egg frying standard ought to be improved lor, you can rarely find this kind of standard at those little cafes..

2nd order for the hubs as he's still not full after his traditional breakfast.

The herb chicken is pretty yum though it's pretty dry.

Mostly chicken breast and skinless so my hubs didn't quite enjoy it, more suitable for me lol πŸ˜…


Major regret for opting for a king-sized bed. πŸ˜‘

Can only see.. 😌😌

Cafe Muji… Coming soon to Paragon.

Fast forward back to yesterday's MLTR's concert

Had an awesome time at MLTR's concert last night.

You probably wouldn't know who's MLTR if you are not in my generation lol, MLTR stands for "Michael Learns To Rock" btw ✌🏻️

Us feeling very excited before the concert. @tiggerte @shopaholicdeb

25 years and still standing strong.. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Time flies, it has been five years already since our last MLTR concert in Penang..

Another pic just before the gig starts..

Everybody got really excited and started to scream when the music started..

Nice backdrop..

They sure know how to engage their fans..

They came down from the stage a couple of times to shake hand with the crowd.

Some lucky ones even managed to take a selfie with them.

They even came down to give out red roses to the crowd.. Awww 😍😍😍

One of their new songs – Call On Love

Great effort in injecting multi-languages element in the backdrop..

Out of the Blue 🎡🎢🎹🎼🎀

One of my fave – You took my heart away β™₯️β™₯️

"Actually we forgot to do one thing, we forgot to do selfie.."

The group #wefie moment. One of the tradition of MLTR concert.

Paint My Love 🎡🎹🎼🎀🎢

That's Why (You Go Away) 🎢🎀🎼🎹🎡

Someone held his own concert off stage too πŸ˜†πŸ˜†.. @tiggerte

Thanks for the tickets!!