Opening of #TCL Flagship Store // Luxe ❤️ SG

Sent the hubs to the airport last night to catch his midnight flight.

Gonna miss him for a few days till Sunday.

Don't like to be home alone, so I'll be bunking in at my 娘家 these few days. Yay to mum's homecooked dinner!

Woke up early today to clear off some of my chores.

Then off I went, headed to town to meet @surerain for one of our favourite activity (other than eating) – Shopping!! 😁😁

It's the opening of TCL first flagship store! So excited!

#theclosetlover #TCL

We were one of the first few customers so it was still pretty empty then.

Managed to grab a packet of this, saw from @briannawonggg's dayre, there's only 100 packets today and another 100 pkts for tomorrow.

#theclosetlover #TCL

Tried on this. Quite like it, wanted to get in the blue but didn't have my size.

Left my contact details so hopefully they will be able to restock this.

Tried on this too but didn't get. The fit wasn't too flattering on me..

A lovely lacy maxi.. I don't have the height to carry this off though 😔

Sherlyn Chan was there and she was wearing this piece in nude, super gorgeous on her.

Lady boss @bertillawong busy at work.

Both lady bosses @briannawonggg and Bert were so busy so didn't have a chance to take a pic with them. 😔

Great effort in putting this up gals, still looking great despite having stayed thru till wee hours this morning.

Well done to the TCL team for achieving this great milestone. Keep it up! 😉👍🏻

Spend min $50 and stand to win Samsung NX3300 camera!

Queue started to form after we were done with our first batch of fitting.

Gave up queuing as we had a lunch appointment.

But we did went back after our lunch appointment for round 2 and scored more items.

More bloggers were there then. Spotted Brad (aka ladyironchef) and Melody Yap. Melody is so pretty irl. She was in the same outfit as the lady boss of Fashmob, can't rmbr her name though 😁

Bought this top in blue and white.

Would have grabbed more items if we have more chance to try, limited to 4 pieces for each fitting.

No choice lah, understand the gals also need to manage the queue, gotta give others a chance too hee 😉

Goodie bag!

Managed to sign up as VIP too, just spend $100 (usual $150) to become a VIP member.

What's in the goodie bag…

Love this customized measuring tape!!

Thanks for the thoughtfulness!

Lunch @ Luxe ❤️

Went to pick @shopaholicdeb from her office and we came here for lunch!

Pretty empty huh

Guess we were pretty early.. 😁

Was taking pics of the restaurant, then I spotted someone familiar in my hp screen.

Rubbed my eyes and looked closer. It was @aponytale! 😉

Was too shy to go over and say hi. Don't want to disturb her paktor hee so I just 👋🏻 at her. 😁

Happy birthday babe! Enjoy your special day! 😘🎂

Hope you won't mind me posting this pic 😄

Okay, now back to our lunch 😆

Love this corner 😍😍

Got ample natural lighting and so picture worthy..



The lunch set is a pretty good deal.

$35 each – a main, a glass of wine, dessert and coffee or tea.

@shopaholicdeb and I opted for juices since we don't drink. 😁

Here's my main, mushrooms pasta. Looks gross I know, surprisingly it's super good! Love the strong truffle taste!😋👍🏻

This must be one of their signature – The Luxe Burger.

@surerain's verdict – Very good!

Close up of my lunch..

Very gross looking hor..

Anyone knows what's this pasta shape called? First time I see this shape..

Our dessert.. Madeleines. The dip is something like kaya with coconut.

Very nice! 😋👍🏻

We couldn't finish and the ang mo staff asked if we want to dabao.

Very kind of him but we didn't expect it to look like this..

Looks like hawker centre takeaway box hor.. 😁😁

Concluded our lunch with a pot of earl grey each.

Thanks @shopaholicdeb for lunch! 😘

My face looking so damn big here.. 😔

That Ang Moh staff was kind to help us take a pic.

He kept reminding us to hashtag and tag their IG page 😆😆

More shopping after lunch!

Aren't these cute!! 😍😍

Love the grey and olive colour 😍😍

For CNY maybe?😆

Pretty 😍😍

The grained leather one caught my eyes 😍😍

Another pretty pair that flatters the ankle..

The only pair in my size..

Not my usual shade of blue leh..

I prefer this blue hee.. 😍😍

It's so comfy!!

Decked in my new tsum tsum tee. 😁😆 #actcute

Thanks @shopaholicdeb!

Someone is a happy gal today 😊😊

Some #SG50 instant draw after our purchase..