Ginza Tendon Itsuki

Lunch partners of the day!

@shopaholicdeb @surerain

Here we were, braving the haze without our mask, queuing outdoor for our table. #请不要学我们哦 😅

Very happy to be out since I've been cooping up at home for the past few days. 😁

The restaurant staff was very kind to offer surgical face mask to all the patrons who were in the queue.

However, no one seems to take up the offer.

Anyway, thumbs up for the sweet gesture! Even though it's not N95 mask. It's really the thoughts that count. 😊 #thankyou

This was what we were queuing for.

Been wanting to try this.

We didn't do any research prior to our visit today.

The staff came to take our order while we were in the queue.

Staff: "Special or Vegetables"?

Me: "Excuse me, may I know what's Special?"

Damn paiseh I tell you haha 😂😂

So this is the Special… Comes with Tempura prawn, vegetables, chicken and egg.

Chawanmushi and miso soup are part of the set.

And this is the Vegetables Don, basically all vegetables, just a dollar difference compared to the Special Version.

Well basically, these are what they offer in their menu, it's either Special or Vegetables, simple as that.

Total capacity was around 20-22 pax I guess..

Other than the counter seats, there are three tables.

We were pretty lucky to be allocated with the bigger table that can accommodate four pax.

The guy on the left is the Japanese chef, the other two chefs seem to be local.

The chawanmushi was really good, love the texture. 😋

Help yourself with the pickles if you Iike them..

Here comes our Special Tempura Don! 😋

The portion was really big, very very satisfying indeed. 😋😋👍🏻

The egg managed to score another brownie point! 😋

Still good even though the yolk wasn't as runny as I expected it to be. #dayrefatties #foodporn

Oh almost forgot to mention this… You can help yourself to this bottle of tendon sauce.

This must be their secret weapon.

It's not salty, simply flavourful.

I don't have an extreme savoury taste but I've lost count of the number of dashes I've added. 😅😅👍🏻

Oh, one more point to take note, their ocha is not refillable.

I didn't know and ask for my tea to be refilled. The staff just said that it's not refillable.

Okay, point noted.

Would have been good if that staff can add on to ask me if I would like to order another cup of tea. I would have order it cos I was feeling damn thirsty then 😅. Must be that tendon sauce lol

One last point to add, you may wish to bring along a hair fragrance and perfume, cos you'll feel pretty smelly (as if you have just cooked up a feast in the kitchen) after the meal. 😁

Anyway, it's definitely a very awesome and satisfying meal. Will definitely be back again! 😋

Thanks @surerain for the awesome lunch!! 😘😘

Decked in army theme today. 😉