Coffee Talk ☕️

Have you had your coffee? It's International Coffee Day today! ☕️

Have a break, have a coffee.

Many events are taking place all over the world today in celebration of this special day.

Sadly, Sg didn't take part if not we may get to enjoy free coffee on this day. Just like in South Korea! So good right! 😁

What's your favourite coffee?

Are you a Kopi O lover? Latte? Cappuccino? Espresso?

My favourite has gotta be my iced latte.

However, for the sake of the beautiful latte art, sometimes I'll sacrifice my iced latte and go for the hot version.

It will be either Flat White or Cafe Latte or even Hazelnut Latte.

So which ☕️ is your favorite? Come, share with me 😊

Enjoying my iced latte and egg mayo sandwiches before my weekly game. 😉