Brawn & Brains ☕️

Having a cuppa with @surerain ☕️

Here's the addy!!

Their gigantic menu.

We didn't order from this menu as we were still pretty full from our lunch.

Pretty spacious space…

Lots of natural lighting as you can see 😍😍

The mushrooms and cheese sandwiches do sound very tempting, don't even need a pic to tempt me lol 😆😆

Choice of blend…

You can opt for House Blend if you prefer black. Both of us opted for Single Origin since we prefer white.

Their coffee comes in double shot, we opted for single shot as we didn't want to get too excited after that 😆😆😆


#postandeatlater 😆

Our staple drinks and a tart to share..

Cappuccino for @surerain and Flat White for me 😋☕️

Anyone knows what is the name of these flowers? It's so pretty!! 😍😍

Salted caramel tart.. No need any fancy name.

Complement perfectly with our whites.. 😋😋

Looks at its filling, too good!! 😋😋👍🏻

Love this shot by @surerain! 😍😍

Oh ya, I'm the hand model, please pardon the ugly veins 😆😆