Nuisance Calls // Sumiya // Miam Miam

I've been receiving weird calls from overseas. The calls will ring for a sec or so and then dropped.

And they are from weird countries like Zimbabwe and Lithuania. So dodgy.

Have received 3 calls from the latter today alone.


Anyone encountered the same as me? 😓😓

Happy birthday to my Bro!!

The boys kissing their daddy on daddy's birthday. 😘😘

#selfie moment while I was stucked in the jam earlier during lunch.

Glad that the haze is not as bad today and Mr Sun is able to glare on us. Talk about love-hate relationship with Mr Sun. 😎

Catch up session with @tiggerte and @shopaholicdeb today!

We decided to give Sumiya a try.

Wanna try their lunch sets. 😋😋

I reached around noon and it's still pretty empty then.

Love these little details.

Hooks to hang our bags at the side of the table.

The lunch set selection, basically just a page for you to choose.

Though the selection is not very wide, guess it's pretty sufficient for lunch.

All looks pretty yummy to me. 😋😋

Here's my set! 😋

Very good deal at $15.80.

Comes with free green tea as well.

My Salmon, Ikura and Ebikko Don.

For the rice, we have a choice of warm steamed white rice or sushi rice.

All of us opted for the latter since it's more flavourful.😋

Check out the generous amount of ebikko!! 😋😋

#dayrefatties #foodporn

@shopaholicdeb opted for Bara Chirashi Don.. Think this set was $18.80.

And here comes the star of the lunch…

@tiggerte's Sumiya King Kaisen Don!

Limited to 5 servings daily and no pre-order is accepted.

3 sets were already taken up when we were placing our order.

The sashimi variety will differ depending on what ingredients they have on the day.

This set is $58 (Original price $98, I suspected this could be their marketing gimmicks lah 😆) and I think it's pretty value for money. It even includes Uni.

@tiggerte was really sweet to share her Uni with @shopaholicdeb.😉

Pretty decent servings of Uni 😋😋

Mochi mochi..

Didn't manage to finish as we were really very full.. Whacked all the rice 😋😋

Thanks @tiggerte for the yummy lunch!!

Was just saying we were very full..

But there wasn't any queue at Llao Llao, how to resist right? 😂😂

Damn, the addiction seems to be getting stronger and stronger. 😅

Let me backtrack to my lunch date yesterday.

Don't know why, wasn't in the mood to update leh 😆😆

Lunch @ Miam Miam

Talk about being slow 😁…

Miam Miam has been around for so long and I have yet to try it..

Hee, actually I'm not the one only, this was also a virgin visit for @surerain and @luvthatpurse 😆😆

@shopaholicdeb was the only experienced one. 😆


Didn't have a very good first impression though..

Stood at the entrance a whole 2 mins and nobody came forward to attend to us, the restaurant wasn't even very crowded then.

All of us love variety!!

So we ordered two mains and two desserts to share. 😋😋

We were given two complimentary broccoli soup as we ordered two mains.

One of their signature dish… Riz Noir Squid Ink Rice..

Super love this.😋👍🏻

Not very appropriate to eat this when you are on a date though. 😆😆

Another of our mains…

Lobster Bisque Pasta

Thought this was just so-so, nothing much to rave about..

We were more excited with our desserts!!

Here's their famous French Toast..

All of us thought the white scoop at the top is ice cream, it's actually fresh cream 😆😆

Eating this kinda reminded me of the PBJ French Toast of Artisty.

So sad to learn from @luvthatpurse that Artisty seems to have discontinued this heavenly dish..

Why?? 😩😩😩

Last but not least….

Here's the Caramelized Banana Pancake. I actually prefer this to the French toast.

And the white scoop on top is softee 😋👍🏻👍🏻